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Job Title: Anesthesia Technician/Technologist

Company: WMC Advanced Physician Services PC

City/State: Valhalla, NY

Category: Allied Health Prof/Technical

Department: Perioperative Services

Position: Full Time

Shift: Variable

Req #: 10857

Job Details:

This is a hospital based position located at Westchester Medical Center, Valhalla NY.


Responsible for stocking all anesthetic supplies for ORs, maintaining all anesthetic equipment, insuring necessary anesthetic equipment is available for each case.We are seeking talented and experienced Anesthesia Technicians to join our Peri-operative Services team. Your duties will include, assisting the anesthesia provider in the formulation, implementation of an anesthesia care plan, set up anesthesia machines such as cardiac monitors, and breathing apparatus or suction equipment in the operating room to assist during and prior to surgery for the Anesthesia Department.


• Coordinates deliveries and receives inventory of equipment and supplies. Calls supervisor and reports any problems when off the floor carrying out an assigned duty. Receives deliveries from Hospital Receiving Department. Informs supervisor of deliveries on a timely basis. Restocks storage areas as requested. Delivers any needed supplies or equipment to other areas of the hospital as directed. Opens any boxes or cartons of supplies as directed. Compares packing slip to items delivered and gives slip to management. Puts all supplies and equipment in proper places. Notifies supervisor in charge if supplies, instrumentation, or equipment is unavailable for project caseload. • Prepares and maintains procedures documentation. Collects and receives samples from clinician and records data from point of care system. • Assists Staff Members. Ensures the safety of the patient when anesthesiologist or clinician require assistance. Assists nurses and physicians in preparation and utilization of equipment and with room set up and breakdown/turnover. Assists clinician with attaching E.C.G. leads and electrodes to patient, making sure they are properly secured not to become disconnected during procedure. Checks signal on all leads and runs a sample strip at the beginning of the procedure. Runs blood gas and pH or Na K sample as requested by anesthesiologists, surgeon or perfusionists. • Preparation of Supplies – Follows proper technique in washing, processing and wrapping supplies. Knows which equipment is gas or steam sterilized and appropriately wraps these items. Obtains needed supplies from storage. Maintains a neat patient care environment with proper supplies. Replaces soda lime granules after normal use (daily). Checks all machine drawers for mandatory supplies according to the complete list provided by the supervisor. Checks to ensure each machine has two masks of each size, ranging from infant to large adult, along with several oral and nasal airways (all available sizes of each). Cleans, restocks and tests machines according to established departmental procedures. Provides disposable breathing circuits when available. • Drug Maintenance – Accesses non-narcotic drugs from Anesthesia Suremed, carts, and other related systems. Provides non-narcotic medications to clinicians, drug machines and associated departments including Pharmacy. Assists with pick-up and delivery of non-narcotic drugs to and from clinical locations. Discards to sharps container all syringes, used vials and needles containing non-narcotic medications. Returns to stock unopened non-narcotic medications. • Maintenance of Gas Cylinders – Checks the status of nitrous oxide, nitrogen and carbon dioxide cylinder banks to determine available supply pressure. Replaces empty cylinders as necessary. Notifies Receiving when empty cylinders should be picked up and full cylinders delivered. • “Maintenance of Equipment – Maintains an efficient level of anesthesia equipment, i.e., spinal nerve block and epidural sets with an assortment of cannulas, endotracheal tubes, masks, oral and nasal airways, ample drugs, EKG pads and strippers, and all other equipment which are essential to start the day’s surgical schedule. Notifies the supervisor if any particular piece of equipment is not readily available. Ensures there is a blood warmer in each room. Checks and sets up anesthesiology machines in radiology from cart/Omnicell and associated dispensing unit. Cleans, restocks and tests machine and “”E”” tanks according to departmental procedures. Replaces cylinders with PSI and 500 when necessary.” • Maintenance of OR Rooms and Anesthesia Machines – Clears all debris and equipment from the surface and drawers of all used anesthesia machines. Removes plastic domes on inhalation and exhalation ports and cleans both to remove any accumulations of excess moisture (particularly on exhalation port). Makes certain that a mica or plastic disc, whichever is appropriate for that particular machine, is in each port. Connects O2 and N2O pressure hoses on the machine to the corresponding receptacle on the oxygen island or wall. Checks blood pressure cuff for leaks. Cleans and/or replaces it, if solid. Makes certain that laryngoscope blade is functioning properly. Checks anesthesia machines after each use. Restocks machines, changes canisters and breathing circuits. Knowledge of how to use, set up, break down and maintain all anesthesia machines and monitoring equipment. Inspects electrical equipment for grounding and internal-clinical engineering safety inspection as per procedure manual. Oils and cleans equipment routinely. Checks to ensure that all machines contain a complete breathing circuit.Maintains and evaluates gas tanks levels on anesthesia machine and tank room; replaces as necessary.


High School education required withASATT Certification.Must be able to read, write, and follow instructions and lift and move equipment. Basic computer skills, i.e. Word, Excel, Outlook. Preferred Qualifications: One year of work experience in an operating room environment and/or familiarity with OR drug and equipment terminology preferred.