Job Title: CCU Technician

Company: HealthAlliance Hospital

City/State: Kingston, NY

Category: Allied Health Prof/Technical

Department: Intensive Care

Union: Yes

Union Name: 1199

Position: Part Time

Hours: 7p-7a

Shift: Evening, Night

Req #: 33287

Hiring Range: $21/hr

Job Details:


Works collaboratively with the health care team, under the direct supervision of the RN, to provide direct patient care, maintain E.D., ICU, O.B., or Med Surg. Environment and perform various clerical duties. Candidates for this position must obtain written approval from their Nurse Manager/Director in order to apply. JOB


Review the duties in relationship to quality, quantity and productivity. Give examples and provide feedback as deemed appropriate. Please specify ‘Yes’ if Achieves Expected Performance, ‘No’ if not, and ‘N/A’ if not applicable. The following is a summary of the essential functions of this job. The employee may perform other duties, both major and minor, that are not mentioned below; and specific functions may change from time to time.

  • Documents information on patient records/computer consistent with policies to include vital signs (blood pressure, temperature, pulse and respiration), pulse oximetry. I & O, weights, heights, etc. and point of care testing (glucometer results etc.). Removal of Foley Catheters. Review Intervention List with the Primary RN to ensure awareness of pertinent patient needs and plans for the day.
  • Provides daily physical and emotional care to patients; Provides close observation when patients require sitters. Will be responsible for completing all procedures within scope of practice and according to current standards, guidelines and policies. Documents information gathered in patient records/computer consistent with policies.
  • Will be responsible for the following procedures: Follows plan of care after nursing assessment. Non-sterile dressing change; emptying of post-op drainage devices (additional to Foley bags); set up oxygen and suction equipment; applies pulse ox; performs EKGs and applies telemetry.
  • Participates in Unit and Team huddles. Interacts professionally with physicians and coworkers and maintains effective communication and good working relationships. Demonstrates cooperation with the shift supervisors and recognizes the chain of command. Demonstrates independent thinking. Assists licensed personnel as directed.
  • Keeps work environment neat and tidy, and restocking rooms. Responsible for making sure equipment needing repair is sent to BioMed. Maintains stock, orders supplies when necessary, Responsible for monitoring work environment for DNV Compliance R/T Environment of Care as per hospital policies and procedures.
  • Weights:standing and bed scale; nutrition: setting up patient and feeding patient; specimen collection, stool, sputum, urinee – clean catch and 24 hours; Foley catheter care and emptying Foley bag; apply external catheter; ice bag/pack; sitz bath; patient restraints.
  • Application of Flow-tron device; application of Teds stockings; use of special equipment; cooling and warming devices, lifting and transporting devices (including maxi slide, Hoyer lift, etc.) traction set up and removal and storage of traction equipment.
  • Knowledge of location of other departments to assist with procurement of necessary equipment/supplies; conveys communication between Ancillary Departments and Nursing Floors, understands isolation/standard precautions; answering of call lights; verbalizes knowledge of emergency situations; code blue, etc. Discharge of patients-transport.
  • Ability to observe and report necessary information/changes to nurse: physical limitations, cultural needs, age specific needs, emotional needs, pain needs, IV needs. Assist in emergency situations (i.e., chest compressions, RRT codes, code blue, helping lift patient after fall, patients who require 1;1 sitter, etc.).
  • Recognizes chain of command; i.e., Clinical Leader and off-shift supervisors; demonstrates independent thinking; understanding of and compliance with patient confidentiality; blood, etc. postmortem.
  • Ensures accurate identification of all patients at all times. Protects patient's privacy; closely observes patient with minimal disturbance.
  • Understands and complies with isolation/standard precautions. Practices and performs proper hand washing techniques on a routine basis and uses gloves when having patient contact.
  • Actively participates in Continuous Quality Improvement activities.
  • Serves as a preceptor and mentor for Nursing Assistant I's, Nursing Assistant II's, SCT's and Unit Coordinators.
  • Sets up for procedures and performs assisting duties for individual performing procedure within scope of practice.
  • Performs phlebotomy as directed by R.N. (ED only).
  • Competent as a surgical scrub tech (O.B. only).
  • Is able to successfully pass basic telemetry class, is able to identify life-threatening rhythms and notifies appropriate personnel as needed. (Cardiac Monitor Tech Only)
  • Obtains pertinent registration information from patient and/or family, enters into computer/chart.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of order entry system (e.g., enters orders, charges, reprinting orders).
  • Exhibits competency and demonstrates knowledge in handling unit specific equipment.
  • Performs any other duties as assigned.


  • High School diploma or GED, or one year nursing school or NYS Certified Nursing Assistant


  • One year or more experience in direct patient care and demonstrated competency in all PCT II skills/or a nursing student with one year nursing school. Preference is given to EMS trained staff


  • CPR, BLS, Telemetry class (Cardiac Monitor Tech's only)
$3,000 sign on bonus + eve/night differential pay

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