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Job Title: Chief of Labs(HLA)

Company: Westchester Medical Center

City/State: Valhalla, NY

Category: Allied Health Prof/Technical

Department: Pre Kidny Transp Acquisitn Lab

Position: Full Time

Hours: 7

Shift: Day

Req #: 18606

Job Details:

Internal Posting:

6/22/20 – 7/5/20

Job Summary:

The Chief of Labs (HLA) is responsible fordirecting and coordinating all aspects of operation for the HLA Laboratory.Responsibility includes coordinating the activities of the HLA Laboratory withother divisions of the laboratory and departments of the Medical Center, as wellas physicians and clinical staff. Thisis a management level position which assists the Administrative Director insetting administrative and clinical operating policy, practices and proceduresas well as budget preparation. Incumbents must also possess expert knowledge oftheir specialized field, as well as new developments, in order to setstandards, provide technical direction and interpretation, and perform criticalevaluations of new and existing procedures.Responsibility also involves ensuring compliance with all standards,rules and regulations set by the New York State Department of Health, and otheraccrediting agencies, as well as administrative policies and procedures set bythe Medical Center. Does related work asrequired.


Administers, directs, plans and coordinatesall aspects of testing operations for the Histocompatibility Laboratory.Determines and monitors the tests andprocedures to be performed by the Histocompatibility Laboratory and evaluatesthe performance of subordinate staff.Supervises and reviews the work of a numberof laboratory personnel, including supervisors and provides instruction,professional expertise, and interpretative analysis.Develops and implements standards, practices,and procedures for the operations, organization and management of theHistocompatibility Laboratory in accordance with established WestchesterMedical Center, regulatory requirements, and accreditation standards.Interprets test results, and authorizeswritten reports in a timely manner.Confers with attending or referral physicianon test results, and ensures their immediate notification when the criticallimits of specified test results are exceeded, presenting a life threateningcircumstance for the patient. Establishes effective communication systemsbetween the hospital patient units and the Histocompatibility Laboratory forthe efficient transfer of information, both urgent and non-urgent, and on theordering, status and result of tests.Ensures compliance with Medical Center’spolicies and procedures, collective bargaining agreements and applicableregulatory and accreditation requirements.Ensures compliance with federal, state andlocal regulations, particularly those relating to safety measures to avoidphysical, chemical and biological hazards.Assists the Administrative Director ofLaboratory Services in the preparation of Histocompatibility Laboratoryoperating and capital budgets.Develops and implements quality controlmeasures, based on current industry practices.Participates in the recruitment, development,training and performance evaluation of laboratory staff.Keeps abreast of developments of newtechniques or improvements in published and existing methods and throughattendance at workshops, conferences and meetings.Qualifications/Requirements:


4 years of clinical laboratory experiencein histocompatibility, 2 of which must have been at the supervisory level, inan approved medical, hospital, or public health lab, required.


A physician licensed topractice medicine in the State of New York or graduation from a recognizeduniversity with a Ph.D.* in a chemical, physical or biological science.

Licenses / Certifications:

Certificate of Qualification as a LaboratoryDirector in Histocompatibility and Cellular Immunology issued by the New YorkState Department of Health.