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Job Title: Clinical Lab Technologist

Company: WMC Advanced Physician Services PC

City/State: Valhalla, NY

Category: Allied Health Prof/Technical

Department: Clinical Labs- WMC Health

Position: Full Time

Hours: 10PM - 6:30AM

Shift: Night

Req #: 21408

Job Details:

Job Summary:

The Clinical Lab Technologist is responsible for performing specialized technical analyses of blood specimens leading to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Responsibility also involves ensuring the receipt, recording, grouping and labeling of specimens and the communication of test results to the attending physician.


    • Performs various types of clinical analyses in hematology and coagulation on blood specimens;
    • Conducts tests such as (but not limited to) complete blood count (CBC), differential, sickle cell, malaria, reticulocyte count, and sedimentation rate on blood and bodily fluids;
    • Interprets test results and issues written reports;
    • Reports findings on cultures, sensitivities and stained smears;
    • Operates automated or specialized equipment and provides instruction, as needed;
    • Confers with attending or referral physician on test results, and ensures their immediate notification when the critical limits of specified test results are exceeded, presenting a life threatening circumstance for the patient;
    • Provides technical assistance as needed in hematology;
    • Participates in feasibility studies in setting up new procedures;
    • Implements quality control measures, documenting remedial action taken for detected deficiencies and defects;
    • Ensures the proper preparing, storing, dispensing and periodic evaluation of all solid and liquid reagents to assure the accuracy and precision of test results;
    • May provide training to new technologists/technicians in the area of specialization;
    • Keeps abreast of developments of new techniques or improvements in published or existing methods;
    • Attends workshops, conferences and meetings.


Good knowledge of the principles, techniques, procedures, instrumentation and safety precautions in the field of medical technology, particularly as they apply in the field of hematology; knowledge of infectious diseases; skill in the operation, calibration, troubleshooting and routine maintenance of modern laboratory equipment and instrumentation, including automated equipment used in hematology; ability to understand, follow and explain medical and technical instruction; ability to provide technical consultation to physicians and nurses; ability to implement quality control standards; ability to read, write, speak, understand, and communicate in English sufficiently to perform the essential duties of the position; ability to use computer applications such as spreadsheets, word processing, e-mail and database software; thoroughness; dependability; accuracy; sound professional judgment; physical condition commensurate with the requirements of the position.


A Bachelor’s degree in Medical Technology (or equivalent experience)

Licenses / Certifications:

Either: (a) at time of permanent appointment, possession of a license and current registration as a Clinical Laboratory Technologist issued by the New York State Education Department; or (b) at time of temporary appointment, possession of a limited permit as a Clinical Laboratory Technologist or restricted license to practice clinical laboratory technology at Westchester Medical Center issued by the New York State Education Department.