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Job Title: Ekg Tech

Company: Good Samaritan Hospital

City/State: Suffern, NY

Category: Allied Health Prof/Technical

Department: Ekg

Position: Per Diem

Hours: M-F

Shift: Day

Req #: 17488

Job Details:

Job Summary:

The EKG Tech (Electrocardiogram Technician) is responsible for conducting and analyzing cardiovascular tests (EKG, Holter, Stress tests, Nuclear stress, Dobutamine stress and Pediatric EKG) on patients. This position will analyze and report test results that may detect any health issues. In addition, the EKG Tech assists doctors in performing cardiovascular exams on patients, overseeing, administering, analyzing, and recording tests that require special EKG equipment.


  • Educates patients on the function and process of the EKG exam prior to the test.
  • Ensures all patients are calm and relaxed during the EKG process.
  • Attaches EKG electrodes to patients in order to monitor heart activity and removes them after tests are complete.
  • Adjusts EKG machines to individual patients.
  • Administers stress tests to monitor patient heart activity.
  • Administers Holter tests to monitor patient heart activity for 24 hours or longer.
  • Logs and reviews test data in order to provide specific images on the test results for physicians to review closely.
  • Assists cardiologists in analyzing results and cardiovascular activity.
  • Consults on diagnosis and treatment when necessary.
  • Defers to supervising physician’s ultimate diagnosis and course of action.
  • Ensures all EKG equipment is working properly and stores equipment appropriately when testing is complete.
  • Conducts muse/computer synchronization of clocks with the ED staff.
  • Coordinates the medical equipment repair specialist when machines malfunction.
  • Requests new EKG testing equipment or supplies when needed.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Qualifications / Requirements:


Successful completion of an appropriate and credentialed technician educational program required. 2-3 years prior experience preferred.


Associate’s degree or higher preferred.

Licenses / Certifications:

Maintains licensure/certifications and other job-required credentials. Must score 80% or higher on the EKG technician certification exam.


If applicable, the individual performing this job may reasonably anticipate coming into contact with human blood and other potentially infectious materials. Individuals in this position are required to exercise universal precautions, use personal protective equipment and devices, and learn the policies concerning infection control. Possesses physical strength necessary to transport equipment and patients. Exhibits knowledge of anatomy and physiology as well as familiarity with health care field.