Job Title: Hospitality Services

Company: Margaretville Hospital

City/State: Margaretville, NY

Category: Service/Trades

Department: Environmental Services

Union: Yes

Union Name: UFCW

Position: Replacement

Shift: Part Time

Req #: 36728

Hiring Range: $17.50/Hr

Job Details:

JOB SUMMARY Perform the day to day activities of the Laundry Department in accordance with current Federal, State and local standards, guidelines and regulations. Assure that personal linen is maintained in a clean, safe and sanitary manner and that an adequate supply of linen is on hand at all times to meet the needs of the residents. RESPONSIBILITIES ● Ensure that work/cleaning schedules are followed as closely as practical. ● Report all accidents/incidents to your supervisor no matter how minor they may be. ● Coordinate daily laundry services with nursing services when performing routine work assignments. ● Perform specific tasks in accordance with daily work assignments. ● Attend and participate in inservice educational classes, on-the-job training programs, etc., as scheduled or as directed. ● Follow established safety precautions when performing tasks and when using equipment and supplies. ● Report all hazardous conditions or equipment to your supervisor. ● Ensure that established infection control and universal precaution practices are maintained when performing laundry procedures ● Follow established policies governing the use/disposal of personal protective equipment and disposal of infectious wastes. ● Ensure that an adequate supply of laundry/linen supplies is maintained in laundry/linen carts/closets to meet the daily needs of the residents. ● Perform assigned tasks in accordance with established laundry procedures. ● Collect and sort soiled laundry, linen, garments, etc., and place in appropriate containers or assigned areas. ● Sort soiled laundry, linen, garments, etc., and separate those items that require special stain removal/treatment. ● Sort and wash soiled laundry, linen, garments, etc., in accordance with established procedures. ● Fold, stack, hang, and distribute clean laundry, linen, garments, etc., daily and/or as instructed. ● Clean floors, including sweeping, dusting, and damp/wet mopping. ● Keep walls and ceilings clean by washing, wiping, dusting, spot cleaning, disinfecting, deodorizing, etc. ● Remove dirt, dust, grease, film, etc., from equipment or floor surfaces, using proper cleaning/disinfecting solutions. QUALIFICATIONS/REQUIREMENTS EXPERIENCE On the job training provided. EDUCATION Minimum of 12th grade education preferred. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS PHYSICAL ACTIVITY ● Must be able to push. Pull, move, or lift 20 lbs. OTHER PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS ● Employee Exposure Category I – May be exposed to blood and body fluids while performing duties. ● Must be able to cope with mental and emotional stress of the position. ● Must have good manual dexterity and ability to be able to operate kitchen equipment.

About Us:

Margaretville Hospital

Margaretville Hospital, in Margaretville, NY, is home to Delaware County’s most advanced critical-care access hospital. This 15-bed facility cares for more than 240 inpatients annually while performing 14,000 outpatient procedures each year. Margaretville Hospital was named one of the top 100 critical-access hospitals in the nation by the National Rural Health Association. It provides emergency care, ambulatory care services, laboratory testing, medical imaging, physical and occupational therapy, swing-bed rehabilitation programs, respite care, and board-certified specialist and wellness education.