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Job Title: Intermediate Nursing Assistant

Company: Westchester Medical Center

City/State: Valhalla, NY

Category: Nursing Support

Department: Ancillary Staff Float Pool

Position: Full Time

Hours: 3/12

Shift: Day - 12 hour Shift

Req #: 19698

Job Details:

Distinguishing Features of the Class: Under the supervision of a RegisteredProfessional Nurse, an Intermediate Nursing Aide provides direct patient careto an assigned group of patients, prepares patients for treatment andprocedures, and assists in the general care of patients. This position differs from Patient CareTechnician in that the duties of this position do not include specialized unitcompetencies. Supervision is not typicallya responsibility of this position, but may provide leadership for lower level staffor act as preceptor for new staff. Doesrelated work as required.Examples of Work:(Illustrative Only)Providescare for assigned group of patients as described in individualized care plansand directed by a Registered Professional Nurse; Providesend of shift, face to face hand-off to incoming nursing aide;Reportsto supervising nurse when duties are not able to be completed on the shift sothat additional support can be arranged and the assignment completed prior tothe next shift;Observes,records and reports general condition of patient;Identifiessignificant changes in patient’s clinical status, such as increased confusion,restlessness or lethargy or decreased response, and communicates to appropriatemember(s) of the treatment team;Performsnon-sterile dressing changes, as directed by a Registered Professional Nurse;Meetspatient need for comfort and safety by providing orientation, includingmaintaining time-appropriate lighting, providing orienting stimuli such asclock, TV, and newspaper, and providing eyeglasses and hearing aids, as needed;Assistswith patient’s nutritional and hydration needs, including setting up mealtrays, feeding patient, filling out menu, providing supplemental nutrition asordered by medical staff;Assistsin patient admission by making sure the room is ready, welcoming patient tounit, and assisting with transfer and settling of patient into their room;Assistsin patient discharge by assisting patient with gathering their belongings andremoving any medical equipment at the direction of the supervising nurse;Obtainsvital signs and weights, collects specimens and finger sticks, records allresults in the EMR and immediately notifies the nurse of abnormal results;Maintainsintake/output documentation, including emptying of urinal/foley,colostomy/ostomy, suction canisters, and meal/fluid intake; Assistspatients with meals, sleeping and hygiene needs, such as bathing, shaving, shampooingand oral and denture care, and activities of daily living including dressing,ambulating, toileting and safe transfer techniques as directed by thesupervising nurse;AssistsRegistered Professional Nurse with turning patients every 2 hours;Respondsto intercom requests and obtains needed services from nurses, physicians, orother hospital personnel when necessary;Implementsnursing safety interventions or the use of protective devices and equipmentthat maintain the safety of patients who have been identified as at risk forpreventable injury;Transports patients to and from tests,procedures or therapeutic activities; Maintainsand restocks nursing servers during each shift;Complieswith hospital policies and procedures to ensure that patient’s equipment,supplies and personal belongings are protected;Participatesin classes, patient-centered conferences, workshops, in-service programs andunit and departmental meetings, as directed.FullPerformance Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Attributes: Good knowledgeof accepted standards of caring for and comforting the sick, disabled, injuredor others requiring mental health or personal assistance; skill in customerservice as it relates to the delivery of care; ability to prioritize thedelivery of patient care using time and resources efficiently; ability tomaintain good interpersonal relationships with patients, co-workers and allmembers of the healthcare team; ability to handle individual and criticalsituations in an effective manner; ability to maintain personal composure whenunit priorities quickly change; ability to follow oral and written instructionsas well as communicating patient information both verbally and in writing;computer literacy sufficient to perform the duties of the positon; goodjudgment; tact; initiative; positive attitude; neatness; physical conditioncommensurate with the demands of the position.MinimumAcceptable Training and


Either: (a) certification as a Nurse Aide orHome Health Aide by the New York State Department of Health; (b) completion ofan approved Nurse Aide or related patient care course; (c) completion of Medical-SurgicalNursing I and II or equivalent from an accredited Licensed Practical orRegistered Nurse school; or (d) one year of patient care experience. Special Requirement: BLS or CPR certification by theAmerican Heart Association or American Red Cross must be obtained within 90 days of employment and maintainedthroughout subsequent employment in this title.*SpecialNote: Education beyond the secondary level must be froman institution recognized or accredited by the Board of Regents of the New YorkState Education Department as a post-secondary, degree-granting institution.