Job Title: Occupational Therapist

Company: WMCHealthWorx

City/State: Poughkeepsie, NY

Category: Allied Health Prof/Technical

Department: WRM - HealthWorx

Union: No

Position: Temporary

Hours: Per Diem

Shift: All Shifts

Req #: 34523

Hiring Range: $65.92/hr

Job Details:

Job Summary:

The Occupational Therapist performs professional work in the field of occupational therapy by functionally evaluating the client/patient and planning and utilizing a program of purposeful activities to develop or maintain adaptive skills designed to achieve maximum physical and mental functioning of the patient in his or her daily life tasks. The incumbent in this class assists in the rehabilitation of mentally, physically or emotionally handicapped patients by providing self-help activities designed to aid the patient’s physical function and/or mental response. This position is the entry level of the professional occupational therapist series and differs from the Staff Occupational Therapist in that the latter works independently and deals with more complex and acute cases. The staff level has broader program responsibilities and supervisory responsibilities. Does related work as required.


  • Plans and conducts medically prescribed occupational therapy programs in a hospital, institution or community setting to facilitate the rehabilitation of mentally, physically or emotionally handicapped clients.
  • Plans programs involving activities such as manual arts and crafts, practice in function, prevocational, vocational and homemaking skills and activities of daily living, and participation in sensory motor, educational, recreational, and social activities designed to help patients regain physical or mental functioning or adjust to handicaps.
  • Instructs in self-help activities such as the basic skills of eating, dressing, writing and the use of adapted equipment and prosthesis.
  • Evaluates client/patient to determine existing levels of function, interests, daily living skills and capacities.
  • Consults with other members of the rehabilitation team to select an activity program consistent with the needs and capabilities of each patient and to coordinate the occupational therapy activities with those of the other therapeutic services, such as physical therapy.
  • Assists in the adjustment phase of disabled patients.
  • Plans and executes therapeutic exercises and skill drills, including perceptual training.
  • Administers specific treatment for the restoration of physical function to increase joint motion, muscle strength, manual dexterity and coordination.
  • Designs and fits, under direct supervision and following a medical prescription, non-complex (usually non-dynamic) splints, braces and adaptive devices.
  • Selects constructive activities suited to an individual's physical capacity, intelligence level and interest, in order to upgrade the patient to maximum independence, to prepare the patient to return to employment, to assist in the restoration of functions and to aid in adjustment to the disability.
  • Teaches patients skills and techniques required for participation in activities.
  • Instructs patients in painting, pottery making, basket weaving, rug making, etc., on prescription of the psychiatric staff.
  • Observes patient responses to given activities, and evaluates and records patient progress;
  • Maintains records and charts, as required.
  • Assists visually handicapped patients in adjusting to their limitations, helping to initiate their new learning skills.
  • Adapts equipment and work-living environment.
  • Determines supplies and equipment for given activities and programs.
  • Encourages and motivates patients to participate in programs.
  • Assists patients in developing sociofunctional living skills.
  • Lays out materials for patient use.
  • Cleans and repairs tools at end of sessions.


A minimum of six months of supervised occupational therapy experience satisfactory to the New York State Board for Occupational Therapy, required.


Must be a graduate from an accredited Occupational Therapy Program with a Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Therapy, required. Master’s degree, preferred.

Licenses / Certifications:

Must possess a limited permit* to practice Occupational Therapy issued by the New York State Education Department, and must have applied for or taken the licensing examination for Occupational Therapy given by the American Occupational Therapy Association OR must possess license and current registration issued by the New York State Education Department as an Occupational Therapist.


Good knowledge of modern, professional theory, technique and practices of occupational therapy; good knowledge of the equipment adaptive devices and utilization of same; familiarity with the techniques, practices and tools used in handicrafts and artwork as they pertain to the practice of occupational therapy; ability to perform a variety of handiwork and artwork; ability to motivate patients toward their highest level of functioning; ability to instruct patients in therapeutic activities; ability to plan, lay out and implement activities designed to achieve the maximum amount of recovery from patients in their projects/activities; ability to determine a patients functional abilities and limitations; ability to record observations and data; ability to write clear, concise and appropriate progress notes; ability to read, write, speak, understand, and communicate in English sufficiently to perform the essential duties of the position; ability to work well with others; ability to effectively use computer applications such as spreadsheets, word processing, calendar, e-mail and database software in performing work assignments; good judgment; manual dexterity; resourcefulness; creativity; emotional stability and maturity; initiative; physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.

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