Job Title: Physical Therapist, Staff

Company: MidHudson Regional Hospital

City/State: Poughkeepsie, NY

Category: Allied Health Prof/Technical

Department: Physical Therapy

Union: No

Position: Full Time

Hours: 8-4:30

Shift: Day

Req #: 38644

Hiring Range: $40.29/HR

Job Details:

Job Summary

  • The Staff Physical Therapist is responsible for providing evaluations and treatment, using sound professional practices as defined by the standards of the American Physical Therapy Association, to individuals needing physical therapy services.
  • Conducts diagnostic evaluations of patients, sets goals, and re-evaluates the patients at regular intervals over the course of treatment.
    • Meets service area productivity standards for number of evaluations completed.
    • Reviews relevant background information pertaining to patients’ problems and functioning.
    • Prioritizes and completes clinical assessments of patients
    • Interprets evaluation results and makes sound clinical recommendations regarding treatment.
    • Formulates realistic functional short- and long-term goals that are objective, patient and/or caregiver-specific and are consistent with results of evaluation.
    • Presents results to patients, families, caregivers, treatment teams, and/or other individuals involved in the patients’ care.
    • Conducts re-evaluations when clinically indicated and/or required by external regulatory, professional, and/or reimbursement.
  • Provides individualized evidenced based treatment that is consistent with the results of the evaluation and the physician prescription and is designed to assist patients to reach their functional goals.
    • Meets service area productivity standards for number of treatments provided.
    • Selects and utilizes safe and effective treatment procedures and techniques for patients to reach all identified goals.
    • Observes patients’ response to treatment during sessions and modifies methods, techniques, and/or goals as needed
    • Provides patients with individualized home treatment activities and instructions for completing them.
    • Coordinates services with other health care providers.
  • Adequately plans and prepares for patient discharge.
    • Identifies discharge criteria, methods for achieving them, and possible obstacles at the time of initial evaluations.
    • Modifies criteria as needed as patients progress in treatment.
    • Discharges patients from care with appropriate referrals and recommendations when discharge criteria are met and/or they are determined to be unrealistic.
  • Communicates with patients and, with patient consent, with families and caregivers, in a manner that facilitates their understanding of the treatment being provided and the achievement of positive outcomes.
    • Presents results of initial evaluation and follow-up evaluations; educates patients/family/ caregivers regarding problems identified and planned interventions. Conducts special research pertaining to individual patient diagnosis and treatment and presents new information to patient.
    • Explains all treatment methods and goals.
    • Provides detailed instructions for home treatment programs, including the activities to be completed and their duration and frequency.
    • Discusses discharge criteria and plans beginning at the time of initial evaluation and throughout treatment and assists patients to establish realistic expectations.
    • Integrates verbal presentations of information with printed material and handouts and/or models.
    • Provides opportunities for questions and discussion of all clinical information and ascertains patient understanding.
  • Meets all documentation requirements.
    • Completes clinical documentation in a timely and accurate manner in accordance with the requirements of the department and with external accrediting and reimbursement authorities.
    • Accurately completes and submits required non-clinical documentation, including billing and scheduling information, in a timely manner.
    • Utilizes professional and technically correct terminology.
    • Consistently avoids use of unapproved abbreviations.
  • Performs supervisory tasks and contributes to the professional life of the department.
    • Supervises Physical Therapy students, PTA students and rehabilitation Aides as assigned, including completion of their performance appraisals.
    • Attends and actively participates in all departmental and service area meetings, training programs, and other professional activities Initiates and/or participates in departmental events for the hospital or the community.
    • Promotes/advocates for the profession. Provides input regarding the departmental policies and procedures.
    • Presents departmental or service area in-service in area of expertise once yearly to other staff and/or students. Participates in hospital-wide or community education or activity focused program.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.
    • Completion of clinical affiliations as outlined by the American Physical Therapy Association.
    • Graduation from an accredited program with Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree, and/or Doctor in Physical Therapy as a Physical Therapist.
    • New York State registration and license to practice as a Physical Therapist.
    • If applicable, the individual performing this job may reasonably anticipate coming into contact with human blood and other potentially infectious materials. Individuals in this position are required to exercise universal precautions, use personal protective equipment and devices, and learn the policies concerning infection control.
    • Must demonstrate ability to form effective working relationships with hospital personnel, multidisciplinary team, patients and families.

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